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The pleiotropic effects of Prunus avium L. extract against oxidative stress on human fibroblasts. An in vitro approach

Sophia Letsiou, Aggeliki Karamaouna, Ioannis Ganopoulos, Aliki Kapazoglou, Aliki Xanthopoulou, Eirini Sarrou, Georgia Tanou & Athanasios Molassiotis

There is a persistent interest in innovative and multifunctional ingredients in biology research. With regards to this, natural sources have an important role due to their multiple benefits. Thus, this study aims to present the pleiotropic activity of Prunus avium L. extract on human primary fibroblasts for proving its efficacy in dermis-related processes. We focused on the safety and efficacy assessments based on cytotoxicity and gene expression analysis under oxidative stress. Specifically, Prunus avium L. extract was proved non-cytotoxic in human fibroblasts. The gene expression analysis unveiled that this extract has in vitro protective properties on human dermal fibroblasts under oxidative stress related to antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory response, cell proliferation and cell- aging. Our study demonstrated for the very first time that the Prunus avium L.extract is a multifunctional ingredient as it mediates several human dermis-related in vitro processes highlighting its potential to be used as an active ingredient in skin care products.